Have a Stylish Wedding with a Good Italian Wedding Planning Firm

Italy is one of the most romantic and charming places on earth and as such a perfect destination for a wedding of your dream. A well-known Italian wedding planner can help you have a wedding that is both enjoyable and memorable by uniquely customizing its service to efficiently take care of all your needs and aspirations in some of the most exotic locations of Italy.

Established firms specializing in organizing enthralling wedding in some of the best wedding venues and locations across the length and breadth of this beautiful country can give you a wedding of your dream. The tiniest aspect of the occasion is covered resulting in flawless arrangement and execution of the entire wedding ceremony.

Organizing a wedding with the help of some good wedding planner in Italy, which offers comprehensive wedding planning service, can give you utmost peace of mind and allow you to enjoy your big day without any care or concerns. A good wedding planner can help you get married in some of the best locations in Italy that offer an unmatched blend of beauty and history.

You can choose to get married in Tuscan countryside, which is brimming with gorgeous ancient houses and offers some of the world’s finest foods. Then there are cities like Florence, cradle of the Renaissance, or Milan – with its love of culture, art and elegance. Whatever may be your choice or preference, you can be assured that with a quality Italian wedding planning firm by your side you can have a wedding that is a blend of beauty, style and luxury.

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A treasure chest full of opportunities is located in the heart of wine-growing Piedmont: the hills of Langhe.

Today the estate offers a variety of opportunities in a magical atmosphere, a blend of memory and reality where the rhythm is marked by the changing of all seasons.

A Royal Villa recently restored to its glorious past, secluded in an age-old park is a small hotel with 11 refined and elegant rooms.

A  Lake Garden pavilion, the perfect location for your events in an art noveau style glass with a seating capacity of 250 guests

The wood of thought, where memories of a glorious pasts are still alive.

The historical cellars, with possibilities for visit and wine tastings.

Aristocratic Wedding in Milan. Stunning Vintage setting at Grand Hotel et de Milan.

Choosing the Grand Hotel et de Milan for your event means being able to enjoy a stunning vintage setting, decorated with frescoes, paintings from the collection of Marie Louise of Austria and period furniture, in an aristocratic nineteenth century palace. 
A wedding at the Grand Hotel et de Milan becomes your unique event thanks to our in-depth understanding of how to stage a unique and unforgettable project and a memorable day for your guests, who will be welcomed amid luxury, high-class surroundings. 
Located in the historic centre of Milan, just a stone’s throw from Via Montenapoleone, la Scala and the city’s biggest tourist attractions, the Grand Hotel et de Milan offers the most romantic and prestigious setting for weddings, celebrations and parties. Our rooms allow us to organise events for a few close friends or seated banquets for up to 150 guests. Last but not least, partygoers and guests of honour will also have the opportunity to continue enjoying themselves into the night, or, why not, to stay for an enjoyable holiday.


Romantic wedding on the shores of Maggiore Lake.


On the Maggiore Lake shore , in the small town of Pallanza, there is an ‘old residence of 800. The villa is beautifully preserved and overlooks a landscaped garden on the waters of the Borromeo Gulf with stunning views of the famous islands.

A romantic place where organize a wedding that you will not forget.The most r

omantic way to get to the Villa has come from the lake, seeing it get bigger as you approach for landing at the dock.

And then the big lawn in front of you condominium with a massive structure but full of shadows lights and decorations that lighten and give it a very special tone.

The colors of the plants in bloom and beauty of nineteenth-century garden make it the ideal place to celebrate an elegant wedding

A lovely place: the lake promenade, punctuated by stone vases, marks the extreme border of the romantic garden towards Lake Maggiore.

At the center of the park, in the ancient courts of Villa, an elegant pavilion, where it releases a scent olea fragrans.

Inside the historic nineteenth-century style villa with rocaille walls, tiled floors and granite pillars represent a stage and striking raffinata. Before entering in the villa, however, turn around and you’ll see a breathtaking view of the islands of the Borromeo Gulf and the mountains front and you will find that the garden and the lake come together in a view that will seem boundless all facing you. The entrance hall leads us into an environment full of charm, with incredible contrast between the intense sun and the twilight padded interior lined with wood paneling, paintings, curtains and antique rugs. A panoramic terrace, from which you can admire a beautiful view of the lake. A place where the ceremony will be like living in the times of the most important noble families. An elegant royal wedding, with a high attention to detail, not to mention the light-heartedness and fun, in fact late at night the party will continue in the garden and in the old cellars of the villa.

The beauty and uniqueness of this day will remain forever etched in your memories.

Get Married in Apulia!! Enchanting wedding location on the Mediterranean sea.


In the heart of Apulia is located in an elegant and luxurious resort, surrounded by expanses fiel of olive trees, a few steps from the sea of Puglia’s most spectacular awarded several times with the blue sails of Legambiente.The perfect location where celebrate a dream wedding.

The details of this resort, telling the history of the region, its architectural features with the rigorous use of the original materials. Everything is surrounded by lush plants typically local: bougainvillea, jasmine, citrus and fig trees of india `delimited by the walls of the gardens Arabs and the characteristic dry stone walls. A balanced blend of traditional and contemporary elegance, in complete harmony with the landscape in which it is located.

With an area of ​​nearly 4000 square meters, of which 800 are covered, in this place of rare beauty you can organize an unforgettable wedding.At the edge of the pools, will lend themselves perfectly for both the banquet for a cool drink.

Every corner of the house will be a perfect place to make your event memorable, a perfect backdrop for photographs that will keep every memory alive.

Enjoy the taste of typical dishis, between the gentle countryside of Puglia and the charm of the Adriatic coast, offers a pleasant route through the scents and flavors of the area. This resost a well known and esteemed in the world even from the American stars.

Was crowned in this wonderful place the marriage between justin timberlake and jessica biel, and even the famous American soap opera chose these beautiful landscapes for the filming of the wedding between Hope and Liam on Brooke advice

The elegant simplicity of a resort has won the hearts of the whole world.

Luxury Wedding In Venice. The refined atmosphere of Cipriani’s family


Torcello has always been one of the top destinations to celebrate the wedding in the church of Santa Fosca and the Locanda Cipriani has since its inception the perfect setting to celebrate the event.

The great story of a family that carries on in the years of the profound values ​​of the Italian tradition, this is why Locanda Cipriani is a unique location where the wedding event turns into a luxury, attention to detail.

In 1934 Giuseppe Cipriani took over a small retail wine and oil, transforming it into an inn, but with a few delightful guest rooms and a pleasant dining room for the restaurant, surrounded by a garden of flowers and vegetables and overlooking sull’impareggiabile view of the churches of Torcello.

Since then the history of the Cipriani family, which has become famous for Harry’s Bar in Venice, you are no longer stop and Locanda Cipriani has seen over the years, characters and celebrities such as Ernest Hemingway, the British Royal Family and many more.

The charm that exudes the charm of Torcello is coming, enchanted corner of the lagoon, where the colors of the sky and the sea combine to give a unique and unforgettable scenery.The spacious rooms inside and outside, adjacent and interconnected, permit a wide flexibility to the event, with capacity for up to 350 people.

The beautiful Rose Garden of the Inn offers a place of undeniable charm to the preparation of the reception and are the perfect setting for an unforgettable event.

The menus offered by the Locanda for buffet lunches and dinners marriage seated, or with marriage proposals with themed menus, belong to the tradition of cooking the Cipriani family and are characterized by a wide variety of dishes and wines selected from the best production the local area, paying a lot of attention and care to the selection of raw materials.

Beautiful secret garden in Venice, a place for your promise forever.

Venice is the city of love and mystery. Masks, paintings, architecture and history make it a place of undoubted charm and very popular destination for international tourism.For those who want a Royal Wedding and for those who want to relive the refined atmosphere of Venetian ‘700.A fascinating and unique frame, palace who has lived in Venice in all its historical domination.

The Palace was built at the half of the 500 during the transitional period between the Renaissance and Baroque. The building has a typical Renaissance facade with extraordinary compactness and regularity was originally covered with frescoes and decorative motifs whose small fragments are still visible on the sides of the building. The building is served by a superb entrance to the Grand Canal and then through a large main staircase that allows access to the two main floors.

 The Garden Palace, built during the nineteenth century, is the rare gem of the entire location, a secret garden and lovely to be able to organize weddings and exclusive luxury.The entire palace still retains the atmosphere, charm and its own “personality ‘” created over the centuries by the taste of the owners with purchases in every part of the world of furniture, furnishings and small collections that have given a’ footprint very special to ‘original Venetian style.

The entire building features inside the typical atmosphere of the old Venetian aristocracy expressed in its rooms and lounges, all superbly furnished with original period furniture.

A wedding surrounded by the charm of Venetian masks, famous throughout the world. orignal indimanticabile a wedding that will be for you and your guests, a gift from the breeze of the Venetian lagoon witnessed many loves.