Shall We Dance? Open the dance with “your” song, then make a party!

The first dance. Those few sweet moments when you and your groom are dripping in freshly wed bliss, intimately swaying to your most beloved song… in front of a room full of people. If the thought of this alone is enough to make your shy groom’s palms sweat, don’t panic. You have to pick and choose the songs that will be the soundtrack to the first dance because a man is definitely not a good dancer.
Open the dance with your song is romantic and helps to dissolve the embarrassment, then continuing with the rhythms simple and easy where you can also entertain your guests, avoid the choreography and dancing at that befit a little at weddings, a insommaè feast day and you have to feel free every person who shares this moment with you.
Traditionally, dancing would not start until after the cake is served. But today’s brides and grooms want to have more lively and fun wedding receptions. I know they’re kicking off the dancing shortly after the main course is served. In fact, at one of the more fun wedding receptions I’ve ever been to, the dancing started as soon as the bride and groom were Announced.
The fun doesn’t stop once the wedding reception’s over. Most couples keep the good times rolling with a more casual after party. And whether you’re not keen on downing shots into the wee hours of the morning or are confused as to who pays the bill, our etiquette experts are here to answer your most puzzling after-party questions, so who pays the bill?


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Celebrations of Birthday Parties in Italy are Elaborate and Elegant

Celebrations of birthday parties in Italy are excellent opportunities to sink your teeth into local sweets. A typical party features varieties of pastries and, of course, the cake. You can find everything from bigne or profiterols to cannoncini.

How Italians celebrate?

Italian birthday parties are full of innovative ideas and activities. Italians are particular in choosing the venue, whether it is for a wedding or a birthday bash. They don’t want to celebrate just anywhere. Perhaps, that’s why reputable event planners here are experts in choosing the right location that blends with the party theme. The pros are particular in choosing decoration items, flowers, food, wine, and other party paraphelnalia.

Italians are fussy about their cookware and classic Italian delights. You can often find cookware hanging from branches of trees at the party site. The table usually features checked tablecloths. Italians don’t just eat their noodles, but they also adorn their party venue with it.

Main points of celebrations of birthday parties in Italy

  • The tiramisu cake
  • Italian cannolis
  • Tomato cans, cookware, herbs, and pasta noodles used creatively in party decorations
  • Delicious fondant spaghetti
  • Scrumptious pizza cake toppers and fascinating pizza box trivia games for children
  • Lip-smacking tomato macarons
  • Custom tea towel and pasta party favors

An Italian birthday party is ‘artistic.’ When in Italy, you instantly fall in love with its food, people, architecture, and the way they celebrate.

If you truly wish to bring Italy to your party, hire reputable party planners. They are well versed with every aspect of an Italian birthday party. They can help you create a ‘mini Italy’ at the venue.

No doubt, celebrations of birthday parties in Italy are elaborate affairs. Italians are known to romanticize their events. Add to this the expertise of competent event planners like White Emotion and you can expect to have a blast in your or your loved one’s birthday party.