Shall We Dance? Open the dance with “your” song, then make a party!

The first dance. Those few sweet moments when you and your groom are dripping in freshly wed bliss, intimately swaying to your most beloved song… in front of a room full of people. If the thought of this alone is enough to make your shy groom’s palms sweat, don’t panic. You have to pick and choose the songs that will be the soundtrack to the first dance because a man is definitely not a good dancer.
Open the dance with your song is romantic and helps to dissolve the embarrassment, then continuing with the rhythms simple and easy where you can also entertain your guests, avoid the choreography and dancing at that befit a little at weddings, a insommaè feast day and you have to feel free every person who shares this moment with you.
Traditionally, dancing would not start until after the cake is served. But today’s brides and grooms want to have more lively and fun wedding receptions. I know they’re kicking off the dancing shortly after the main course is served. In fact, at one of the more fun wedding receptions I’ve ever been to, the dancing started as soon as the bride and groom were Announced.
The fun doesn’t stop once the wedding reception’s over. Most couples keep the good times rolling with a more casual after party. And whether you’re not keen on downing shots into the wee hours of the morning or are confused as to who pays the bill, our etiquette experts are here to answer your most puzzling after-party questions, so who pays the bill?


Royal wedding, the beauty of a history, the values ​​of a lifetime.

Your marriage of luxury and elegance on the shores of Garda Lake. An exclusive location close to the ancient port and directly on the shores of Garda Lake, which tells a magical story to life in 1300, a place that … Continua a leggere

why get married in Venice?

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“Total white” is the label of the modern wedding.

They call all-white: it is now the label of the modern wedding. The white that dominates throughout. A traditional and elegant color that goes abbot of the bride, car, from floral arrangements in church to the reception tablecloths. The moment … Continua a leggere

White Emotion and Grand Hotel ET DE Milan Offer Clients a Slice of Milan’s History

White Emotion, the leading Italian wedding planner, offers clients the opportunity to have their big event organized at Grand Hotel ET DE Milan, a luxury hotel in Milan. The hotel is one of the oldest in the country and is one of the most sought-after locations for tourism and Italian weddings. The Grand Hotel offers the best of facilities and features to make your wedding day the most eventful and memorable of your life.

Located in the heart of Milan and just five minutes from the Duomo, La Scala Theatre, the Grand Hotel occupies pride of place in the bustling business district. It was built in 1863 and is a third generation privately-owned boutique that has a rich history and evokes the culture of Milan.

The Grand Hotel Milan has some of the most spacious and luxurious apartments, suites, and rooms dedicated to illustrious personalities. The Presidential Suite is named in honor of Giuseppe Verdi, the popular composer of numerous Italian operas. There are junior suites, deluxe king-size rooms, bedroom suites, superior suites, and lots more. All come with luxurious features, lounge, high-tech bath fittings, and free Wi-Fi. There are weekends as well as seasonal offers for guests, so that they can have a great time in the lap of absolute luxury when they visit Milan.

The Grand Hotel is a partner of White Emotion and together they have helped host some of the most enthralling and unforgettable wedding events in Milan. The hotel offers majestic venues, such as the Giordano, Puccini, and Verdi, for weddings and celebrations. Each venue has space to accommodate large number of visitors and guests comfortably.

White Emotion has been offering its clients the privilege of hosting their wedding event, parties, and reception at the Grand Hotel. Couples simply love the grandiose scale of celebration at the Grand Hotel they are able to enjoy as a part of their arrangement White Emotion.

Getting Married In Italy Is Regal And Romantic

fiori_sposa_matrimonio_al_lagoAre you getting married in Italy? If yes, then choose Lake como as your wedding destination. This is one of the most romantic and breathtaking places in Italy. The place is so charming your groom will promise you the moon and you will believe it!

There is a series of venues around Lake Como, from historical hotels to picturesque villas. There is the Villa Carlotta in Tremeezzo village, Villa del Balbianellos in Lenno village, and Villa d’Este in Cernobbio village. The last one was mentioned in the Forbes Traveller magazine as the world’s best hotel.

Lake Como wedding
The mild climate of this place will help you get married pleasantly. You can arrange for any theme you like. Expect your wedding ceremony to end on a touching note. Getting married in Italy is a regal affair. All your guests will remember it, and for both of you, this will be one of the most cherished moments of your lifetime. As you kiss your bride, with the blue waters of the Lake Como wedding gazing at you two, the moment gets embedded in your memory forever.

After the wedding ceremony, the newly wedded couple can explore the majestic lake surroundings and let their love blossom more. The guests can enjoy the breathtaking venue to their heart’s content. There is delicious food to savor and the finest of wines to sip. The couple can also visit other intriguing cities of Italy like Milan, Venice, and Verona. Milan airports are quite close to the lake.

Plan the best wedding with reputable planners
If you wish to enjoy every moment of your wedding, hire reputable wedding planners. They will take care of all arrangements from scratch, while you can have fun at the lake and focus on things like wedding gowns, pampering yourself, shopping, and more. Getting married in Italy is a mind-blowing experience and a retreat for your spirits.