Enjoy Luxury Wedding in Italy at Various Stylish and Glamorous Locations

Italy is a country truly blessed by nature as well as history.  One of the most beautiful places on earth to get married, Italy with its charming hospitality, exotic beaches, delightful cuisines, majestic monuments, beautiful vineyards and lovely countryside is guaranteed to give you a memorable wedding that will remain etched in your memory for ever.  Whether you are dreaming of celebrating the biggest day of your lives inside privately owned castles, country houses, vineyards, luxury hotels or by the shimmering beaches, quality luxury Italian wedding planners can arrange any astonishing luxury locations for your marriage ceremony.

From medieval villages to large country estates, experienced wedding firms can arrange a perfect wedding for you. You can choose to celebrate love in the most intimate way with handful of guests present or opt for large venues where hundreds of guests can gather to cheer you on.

Well-established wedding planners in Italy can help you tie the nuptials knots in various stylish and glamorous locations in Italy. Each of the luxury wedding locations suggested to you by your wedding planner, or selected by yourself has a definite wow factor associated with it. Moreover quality service providers allow you to breathe easy and enjoy one of the most wonderful day of your life by taking care of every detail related to your marriage ceremony.

Luxury wedding in Florence

A few kilometres from Florence is a luxurious castle that is one of the most favoured wedding destinations of couples looking for luxury weddings in Italy. This majestic castle located on the Florentine hills, is one of the most romantic and scenic location in the region. Combining the best of modern and traditional, this luxury castle has cosy gardens and charming courtyards to set the mood perfectly for an outdoor event.

The lovely gardens are an ideal location for cocktails and after dinner dancing. The rooms are well-furnished with ancient furniture and frescoes allowing you to enjoy modern day luxuries amidst an atmosphere of the bygone era. A terrace overlooking the city of Florence, can serve as a perfect background for your wedding photos.



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