Turn Your Italy Wedding Dream Into Reality

Most couples, who have decided to tie the knot, fantasize about an Italy wedding. With an experienced wedding planner, this no longer has to remain a dream. Rich with tradition, heritage and history, Italy offers a number of unique locations and venues for your special day. You can choose to get married in a castle, a villa, a terrace, or opt for a conventional church wedding. If you’ve always dreamed of a beach wedding, that is possible too. The landscapes are picturesque and your wedding album will be memorable and something you’ll want to look at, again and again.

Should you hire a wedding planner?

Yes, if you’d like to create an unforgettable and well-planned Italy wedding. Wedding planners can take away the stress from all the activities involved in arranging the hundreds of things that go with the event right from booking the venue, talking to the local suppliers, arranging for the flowers, return gifts, accommodation for guests, transportation, beauty services for the bride and groom, and designing the candy corner, just to name a few. They also take care of any last minute items that may crop up. In fact, they make sure that your day is flawless and perfect, and that you are the center of attention on this most beautiful day in your life.

Italy Weddings
What can you expect from an Italy wedding planner?

Once you shortlist and appoint a wedding planner, and give them the details of what you want, you can sit back and relax and look forward to that special day. They handle everything, from religious weddings including catholic, protestant, and Jewish ceremonies to civil and other symbolic ceremonies. Their services include conceptualizing your wedding theme, catering, location, taking care of appointments for the ceremony, arranging the stag and hen party, floral arrangements, and just about everything in relation to the wedding.

To plan your Italy wedding, get in touch with White Emotion.



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