“Total white” is the label of the modern wedding.


They call all-white: it is now the label of the modern wedding. The white that dominates throughout. A traditional and elegant color that goes abbot of the bride, car, from floral arrangements in church to the reception tablecloths. The moment you decide to take the plunge and go for the practical organization of the wedding, the first choice is directed towards the color will dominate during the celebration and during the reception.

Anyone approaching the fateful “yes” will certainly have heard that white is the color of the bride, and in fact it is.
Nothing remains, however, that even the groom can wear a white suit, without, perhaps, opt for a pure white, but preferring a cream-colored, sleeker and lighter. The total white ceremony will also involve all the guests who will wear the same color of the wedding, a touch of altruism on the part of the bride, because the importance is not given by what you wear.

To beautify the church, as not to think of white roses. The roses, the flowers of marriage for excellence, are delicate and, at the same time, they can become protagonists of the scene with the loveliness that is innate. Even the street are suitable. Equally soft and chic, give the church an air of freshness and solemnity.

It can, of course, also agreed with the florist to choose the compositions varied, in which are put together more different flowers, provided that there is not too detachment of color between the one and the other.

The final touch of the total white ceremony is just the place where they held the wedding banquet. Stark white table linens, chairs covered with white draperies and glittering centerpiece. By the middle of each table candles and placed on shelves mirrored, lies with crystal and maybe some rose petal white as a backdrop, will create a unique spectacle of color.



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