Romantic wedding on the shores of Maggiore Lake.


On the Maggiore Lake shore , in the small town of Pallanza, there is an ‘old residence of 800. The villa is beautifully preserved and overlooks a landscaped garden on the waters of the Borromeo Gulf with stunning views of the famous islands.

A romantic place where organize a wedding that you will not forget.The most r

omantic way to get to the Villa has come from the lake, seeing it get bigger as you approach for landing at the dock.

And then the big lawn in front of you condominium with a massive structure but full of shadows lights and decorations that lighten and give it a very special tone.

The colors of the plants in bloom and beauty of nineteenth-century garden make it the ideal place to celebrate an elegant wedding

A lovely place: the lake promenade, punctuated by stone vases, marks the extreme border of the romantic garden towards Lake Maggiore.

At the center of the park, in the ancient courts of Villa, an elegant pavilion, where it releases a scent olea fragrans.

Inside the historic nineteenth-century style villa with rocaille walls, tiled floors and granite pillars represent a stage and striking raffinata. Before entering in the villa, however, turn around and you’ll see a breathtaking view of the islands of the Borromeo Gulf and the mountains front and you will find that the garden and the lake come together in a view that will seem boundless all facing you. The entrance hall leads us into an environment full of charm, with incredible contrast between the intense sun and the twilight padded interior lined with wood paneling, paintings, curtains and antique rugs. A panoramic terrace, from which you can admire a beautiful view of the lake. A place where the ceremony will be like living in the times of the most important noble families. An elegant royal wedding, with a high attention to detail, not to mention the light-heartedness and fun, in fact late at night the party will continue in the garden and in the old cellars of the villa.

The beauty and uniqueness of this day will remain forever etched in your memories.



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