Beautiful secret garden in Venice, a place for your promise forever.

Venice is the city of love and mystery. Masks, paintings, architecture and history make it a place of undoubted charm and very popular destination for international tourism.For those who want a Royal Wedding and for those who want to relive the refined atmosphere of Venetian ‘700.A fascinating and unique frame, palace who has lived in Venice in all its historical domination.

The Palace was built at the half of the 500 during the transitional period between the Renaissance and Baroque. The building has a typical Renaissance facade with extraordinary compactness and regularity was originally covered with frescoes and decorative motifs whose small fragments are still visible on the sides of the building. The building is served by a superb entrance to the Grand Canal and then through a large main staircase that allows access to the two main floors.

 The Garden Palace, built during the nineteenth century, is the rare gem of the entire location, a secret garden and lovely to be able to organize weddings and exclusive luxury.The entire palace still retains the atmosphere, charm and its own “personality ‘” created over the centuries by the taste of the owners with purchases in every part of the world of furniture, furnishings and small collections that have given a’ footprint very special to ‘original Venetian style.

The entire building features inside the typical atmosphere of the old Venetian aristocracy expressed in its rooms and lounges, all superbly furnished with original period furniture.

A wedding surrounded by the charm of Venetian masks, famous throughout the world. orignal indimanticabile a wedding that will be for you and your guests, a gift from the breeze of the Venetian lagoon witnessed many loves.




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