Reasons To Look Forward To Your Lake Como Wedding

If you are all set for a Lake Como wedding, first of all, congratulations! There are many people who dream of a wedding in a great location, surrounded by picturesque mountains or water sources. The backdrop of Lake Como is guaranteed to fulfill their wishes. The area has been a popular tourist destination since the 19th century, when artist and well-to-do people found that traveling the “Continent”, particularly lovely destinations such as Lake Como, would enhance their well-being and broaden their horizons, not to mention, give them a bit of inspiration when working on a poem, piece of music, essay, or painting.

Major attractions

Whether you choose a winter wedding or a summer event, there is no dearth of leisure activities at this location. Skiing is one of the favorite activities for visitors, made possible by the Lake’s proximity to the Alps. Some historic locations are situated on the lake’s shores, including the botanical garden of Tremezzo, the waterfall at Nesso, and the popular town of Bellagio.

A Lake Como wedding will ensure that guests are never bored and there is plenty for them to do and explore. Besides the natural landmarks, some locations of historic interest include the castle at Varenna, and the century old fort at Colico. Bellano was once famed for its silk and you could visit the old silk production facilities, which are no longer in use.

These are just some of the reasons to organize a Lake Como wedding. If you are looking to make memories that last a lifetime, organizing a destination wedding at sites such as this are guaranteed to help you achieve your goal.

Fulfill your dream

Practical considerations would also lead you to choose a destination wedding in Italy, where you can achieve a dream wedding on a budget. White Emotion is a veteran, when it comes to organizing weddings. For people looking to hold a wedding in Italy, in destinations such as Lake Como, White Emotion extends its services, by offering suggestions, assistance, and its expertise in organizing weddings.

Planning a wedding can be overwhelming, particularly if you are getting married at an overseas location. A Lake Como wedding is well worth the effort, chiefly because a good wedding planner such as White Emotion makes things easier.



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