Hire Italy Wedding Planner For A Mind-blowing Ceremony

Venice is one of the most breath-taking cities of Italy. An expert Italy wedding planner can make your wedding here a memorable moment of your life. People, who plan weddings, are dedicated to extracting all worries and tensions from the event. They take up all the “headache” and let you see only the polished and pleasurable side of things.

wedding in Venice1
Italy wedding spots

The historic Palazzo Cavalli tops the chart when it comes to dream wedding spots. This majestic place features the Grand Canal as backdrop. Other top venues include the spectacular isles of Murano and Burano, Castello and Cannareggio, and ‘cichettibars of Venice. Venice also has lesser known spots that can serve as a great venue for tying the knot.

Civil Wedding
One of the advantages of hiring a reputable Italy wedding planner is that he or she helps you choose a suitable venue for your wedding ceremony. These are experienced professionals who work on various venues. So, they can guide you better. They can also help you with the floral arrangement, catering, décor, and even your wedding gown and cake.


A competent planner takes up the A to Z of wedding. From choosing flowers to helping you prepare the guest list, arranging tables and checking the food, adorning the aisle, arranging the transport, supervising the ceremony, and making sure everything’s in place, a wedding planner is on his or her toes until you get married. Even after the ceremony, he or she has to be there until all the guests go. They then collect items used in the ceremony and dismantle venue decorations.

Venice wedding is unforgettable. This city built on water offers a dream-like ceremony. Its “watery” ambience offers a picture perfect background to take marriage vows.


No matter what your wedding theme is, an experienced Italy wedding planner, such as White Emotion, makes sure that you have the time of your life. So, are you ready for a mesmerizing experience?


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