Traditions Around a Wedding in Italy

A wedding in Italy is something most of us only dream of. Given the romance associated with this country, it can be one of the most amazing experiences ever. If you are actually marrying an Italian, it is important to be familiar with their customs and traditions.

The Italians are known for their unique traditions and here is a quick glimpse at some of them:

Before the wedding

After the bride’s and groom’s families agree to the wedding, presents are exchanged. The bride then receives a diamond ring from the groom before the engagement after which she starts collecting her trousseau or “hope chest” consisting of crockery, clothing and other essentials. Brides often receive gifts of money and silver.
The bride spends the night before the Venice wedding at her parents’ home. On the day of the wedding, the only gold she wears is the ring. Then, there is the age old tradition of something borrowed, something blue and something old and something new along with something she receives as a present.

At the wedding

Weddings in Italy are traditionally held in churches, as it is considered lucky. If it is a Catholic wedding, the church’s doorway has a large bowed ribbon draped across the top to signal the wedding. During ancient times, Italian brides wore green to signify fertility, although white is now acceptable. The groom carries a bit of iron to keep off the evil eye. As the wedding comes to a close, tearing the bride’s veil and breaking a wine glass is part of the tradition. The number of broken pieces is believed to indicate the number of years the couple will be happy together.
After the wedding

When the bride and groom leave the church, the guests throw rice or confetti to indicate good fortune and money. A couple of doves are also released as a symbol of love.

Finally, an Italy wedding is nothing without lavish food, speeches and dancing to celebrate.



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