Surprise Your Loved One with a Unique Valentine Day Proposal

Valentine’s Day is the most obvious choice of lovers planning to propose to their sweethearts. If you are planning to give your loved one a big surprise by proposing on this Valentine, you are only doing what hundreds of thousands of people do on V-day every year across the globe.

It is tough to prevent yourself from getting mushy on Valentine’s Day, as love and romance is omnipresent everywhere you see. Store fronts are decorated with hearts, flowers and Cupids and restaurants serve special Valentine’s Day dishes for couples. Sales of chocolates, flowers, and gifts go through the roof, as shop owners try every type of marketing gimmick to drive starry-eyed lovers into their stores. If you are planning a Valentine getaway in Italy, White Emotion can help you discover some of the most romantic places to enjoy the best Valentine’s Day of your life.
Almost every woman wants her proposal story to be unique and extremely romantic. A Valentine Day proposal, though by no means unique, can definitely be a special one. The ‘Unique Factor’ can come from the way you propose to her. Let White Emotion show you the best settings to propose to your love in absolute style.

Over the years, the manner in which marriage proposals are made has changed considerably. In the past, all that was required was for the guy to go down on bended knee with a ring. These days, men are putting a lot more thought and effort into their proposals to make it truly special with an element of surprise attached.

It is important to know your girl’s likes and dislikes before you start planning something.

Shakespeare made Verona in Italy famous when he chose to set Romeo and Juliet here and the city still trades on that connection. It is a great place to propose to your loved one. V-day celebration here is less commercialized and has more to do with Italian culture and tradition. You don’t have to spend a fortune on the proposal. A simple gesture of love that comes straight from the heart can help you get the nod from your lady love. The expertise of White Emotion can help you zero in on the most idyllic and romantic place in Italy.



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