Turn Your Big Day into a Grand Event with a Venice Wedding

A Venice wedding is the most romantic way to further cement your lovely relationship. The city offers one of the best wedding destinations with number of unique wedding places to choose from. White Emotion wedding planners can arrange civil wedding or Catholic, Protestant, Jewish, and Symbolic ceremonies in Venice.


The Best Place for a Civil Wedding

Palazzo Cavalli, with its formal and grand staircase, is the favorite place of couples preferring a civil wedding. The place overlooks the Grand Canal and a number of other fabulous Palace locations. Murano, the most enchanting island in Venice is another wonderful civil wedding destination. The wedding palazzo can be the perfect setting with its formal hall overlooking the waters. The stunning interiors look absolutely dazzling with the original antiques.

Couples, who prefer to go in for a Venice wedding in Catholic tradition, can choose to host the special event at Cripta in St Mark Basilica. The place can be tough to book because it is one of the most preferred and highly exclusive wedding destinations in Venice. However, by choosing the right wedding planner in Milan, you can make it happen.


Another Wonderful Wedding Destination

Looking for a Protestant Jewish wedding in Venice? You can choose the Church of Santa Maria dei Miracoli for the special occasion. This church is located in a tiny square called the Miracoli. Its stunning looks come from the many colored marbles that don the exterior of the Church. Its ‘bijoux’ like size and the rare type of decoration make it a wonderful model of Venetian Renaissance architecture.

White Emotion stands out as one of the best wedding planners and can be your ideal partner when you plan a Venice wedding. They take the stress off you, so that you can simply relax and enjoy the most important day of your life. They organize your wedding with complete attention to the finest details to make it a truly dream-come-true event.



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