Luxury events in Italy

Are you thinking of planning a wedding, private party or family reunion in Italy?

Make sure you don’t miss out a truly memorable experience with White Emotion.

No matter how much your budget is or you throw yourself into organizing, there is always a risk of overcommitting and making the event too much of a personal thing.

If it’s your own party you’re organizing then personal touches are fine, but here are four reasons why you really should hand over the reins to a professional events planner.

Reason 1 – Be Free to Mingle

One of the main reasons to hold a party is to allow you to enjoy a wonderful time with your friends, family and colleagues.  You don’t want to be all tied up and stressed with the running of the event; you should be out there having fun! And that’s what we are here for. Hand the responsibility to us and have fun!

Reason 2 –   Enjoyment for Yourself

If you are investing a considerable sum in your wedding or in a birthday party or other celebration event with the best possible food and entertainment choices in an incredible venue, you may as well enjoy the moment. By being free to relax and kick back a little, you’ll be able to make the most of the occasion.

Reason 3 – Use the White Emotion Contacts

Unless you happen to spend all of your spare time out in Italy, it can be difficult to meet the right people in the right places. How many chances you have to be in contact with the right band, the most suitable caterer, and most important thing, how do you know if you are getting the right deal?

We do. Event planners have all the right connections, because this is what they do. If you use the services of established event planners such as White Emotion, we will ensure that you get the right place and the best possible finishing touches all at the right price.

Reason 4 – Reflecting your personality

Red carpet, glittering and shinning, romantic and rustic atmosphere, country chic….. No matter how you want to play it, but it as to be your own event, reflect your style, personality and wishes. Our taste will never overcome yours, we will be together in building your day.

For more information on planning your luxury event in Italy saving money and stress call +393401776632 or email



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