Have a Stylish Wedding with a Good Italian Wedding Planning Firm

Italy is one of the most romantic and charming places on earth and as such a perfect destination for a wedding of your dream. A well-known Italian wedding planner can help you have a wedding that is both enjoyable and memorable by uniquely customizing its service to efficiently take care of all your needs and aspirations in some of the most exotic locations of Italy.

Established firms specializing in organizing enthralling wedding in some of the best wedding venues and locations across the length and breadth of this beautiful country can give you a wedding of your dream. The tiniest aspect of the occasion is covered resulting in flawless arrangement and execution of the entire wedding ceremony.

Organizing a wedding with the help of some good wedding planner in Italy, which offers comprehensive wedding planning service, can give you utmost peace of mind and allow you to enjoy your big day without any care or concerns. A good wedding planner can help you get married in some of the best locations in Italy that offer an unmatched blend of beauty and history.

You can choose to get married in Tuscan countryside, which is brimming with gorgeous ancient houses and offers some of the world’s finest foods. Then there are cities like Florence, cradle of the Renaissance, or Milan – with its love of culture, art and elegance. Whatever may be your choice or preference, you can be assured that with a quality Italian wedding planning firm by your side you can have a wedding that is a blend of beauty, style and luxury.

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Tuscany: The Right Choice For Planning an Italy Wedding

TUSCANY HOTEL & VILLAAmong intending couples, there seems to be a heightening demand for a wedding planner in Tuscany. After all, who would not like to walk down the aisle at an exotic seaside region that is rich in history, art, and tradition?

Importantly, Tuscany is in Italy, a place far away from home. This makes it even more exciting.

With destination weddings getting popular in America, more couples are going to places far off to marry.

“The perception is that distant places are more romantic than their hometown,” says a wedding planner.

Couples are finding other advantages as well.

Resorts work overtime to keep a destination wedding stress-free by taking care of all minute details.

Nevertheless, couples must not fail to hire the services of an on-site wedding consultant.

Without a professional wedding planner to assist and coordinate all ceremony essentials, couples cannot hope of making the event a success.

This need becomes even more indispensable when a wedding is planned in a way-off destination like Tuscany.

To set things right in a relatively alien place, you need help from an expert coordinator who is familiar with the location, culture, language, and customs of the local populace.

An effort to hire a wedding planner in Tuscany is sure to pay off.

Tuscany as it is, being a seaside location, is an exotic ideal place for a wedding.

Very few locations in the world can beat what this quaint little region in central Italy has on offer for tourists.

It has landscapes, history, traditions, and artistic legacy. To imbibe all these during and after the wedding event, couples can choose a villa, castle, countryside, or a farmhouse. Tuscany has it all in ample measure.

As one dreamy couple put it, “You will just love the Tuscany way of life.”

With a deserving reputation of being the best region in Italy, Tuscany is setting a trend for those wanting to tie their knot away from home.

White Emotion is a well-known destination wedding planner helping couples plan dream weddings at exotic locations in Italy.


A treasure chest full of opportunities is located in the heart of wine-growing Piedmont: the hills of Langhe.

Today the estate offers a variety of opportunities in a magical atmosphere, a blend of memory and reality where the rhythm is marked by the changing of all seasons.

A Royal Villa recently restored to its glorious past, secluded in an age-old park is a small hotel with 11 refined and elegant rooms.

A  Lake Garden pavilion, the perfect location for your events in an art noveau style glass with a seating capacity of 250 guests

The wood of thought, where memories of a glorious pasts are still alive.

The historical cellars, with possibilities for visit and wine tastings.

Shall We Dance? Open the dance with “your” song, then make a party!

The first dance. Those few sweet moments when you and your groom are dripping in freshly wed bliss, intimately swaying to your most beloved song… in front of a room full of people. If the thought of this alone is enough to make your shy groom’s palms sweat, don’t panic. You have to pick and choose the songs that will be the soundtrack to the first dance because a man is definitely not a good dancer.
Open the dance with your song is romantic and helps to dissolve the embarrassment, then continuing with the rhythms simple and easy where you can also entertain your guests, avoid the choreography and dancing at that befit a little at weddings, a insommaè feast day and you have to feel free every person who shares this moment with you.
Traditionally, dancing would not start until after the cake is served. But today’s brides and grooms want to have more lively and fun wedding receptions. I know they’re kicking off the dancing shortly after the main course is served. In fact, at one of the more fun wedding receptions I’ve ever been to, the dancing started as soon as the bride and groom were Announced.
The fun doesn’t stop once the wedding reception’s over. Most couples keep the good times rolling with a more casual after party. And whether you’re not keen on downing shots into the wee hours of the morning or are confused as to who pays the bill, our etiquette experts are here to answer your most puzzling after-party questions, so who pays the bill?

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